The Ideal Job Setting For Various Types Of Personality

The office is among the workplaces where human diversity is most celebrated. Companies aim for that more because of the higher level of versatility that the employees’ varied skill sets can offer. With extra talented individuals on the team, they can accomplish even the complicated projects and often gain benefits.


Despite that, conflicts tend to get in the way when the staff works in a somewhat uncomfortable environment. It can happen even if the co-workers treat you well because your passion is far from your line of job. Something always feels lacking, therefore, and the idea of changing careers remain in your head.

Therefore, according to licensed clinical psychologist Bill Knaus, EdD, “It is important to take both “work activity” and “work setting” into account when deciding on a career direction or a job.” He says, “In a career study you search out jobs where your strengths, interests, values, personality, and abilities fit with a job and work setting.”

On that note, realize the ideal job setting based on various personality types today. According to Susan Krauss Whitbourne, PhD, ABPP, “Extensive research carried out for many years by vocational psychologists points to the importance of a match or a fit between the personalities of workers and the characteristics of the job.”


  1. Pleaser

The Pleaser is the kind of employee who says “Yes, ma’am” and “Yes, sir” almost every day. In case it’s you, it means that you don’t like turning down requests. You perform whatever’s asked of you one after another and most likely never complain about it.

The reason isn’t that you are gullible. Ironically speaking, you just feel more valuable and stable every time people hold you accountable for any task. “Most people pleasers truly do want to please others and may actually take the constructive feedback to heart,” said Suzanne Degges-White, PhD, LPC, LMHC, NCC, a professor at Northern Illinois University. Due to that, you are better off with a job in which your superiors can tell you what you should do.


  1. Nonconformist

A Nonconformist is the exact opposite of the previous personality type. Your colleagues may request something to you in the most delightful way, yet you’ll turn them down. When the boss instructs you to follow a specific procedure, you either look for a different route or take a shortcut.

Some may see it as a rebellious streak, and perhaps they’re not entirely wrong about that. But what’s certain is that you welcome changes more than anything. You like to stay free and spontaneous and work outside the existing norms that put many individuals in a bind.

These are the traits of an outstanding marketer, to be honest. Whether you’ll stick to a company or open your own, you’ll fare well.



  1. Meticulous

Meticulous folks live and breathe structure on a daily basis. From the moment you wake up, you already know everything you need to accomplish in the office and how. The thing you despise the most is having to alter what’s on the agenda for the sake of less-organized fellas.

As scary as you may appear to others, your independent manner of thinking makes you worthy of executive positions. You can get a lot of errands done and devise possible schemes even without external help. You are your motivator too, and ‘lazy’ is never one of the adjectives that people associate with you.


  1. Adventurer

Adventurers are eternally curious individuals who can’t allow the day pass without throwing out “why” questions. If you have this personality type, you must be conscious that the inquiries don’t often lead to positive results. While others may feel intimidated, some may merely become annoyed.

The ideal workplace for you, therefore, is not where the typical 9-5 jobs take place. Instead, seek a company that encourages staff members to be as inquisitive as possible so that their products/services improve.