Fashion Therapists Approve: Must-Have Accessories For Every Woman


Fashion therapists can tell you that it is okay to wear the same pieces more than once. It is practical and not wasteful at all. You can also grow to love a few things that can be a part of your signature style. In truth, even famous personalities who often get photographed almost every day do the same thing.

Helen Mirren, for instance, has been caught wearing the same dress in different movie premieres four times. It may not have been too evident to the attendees of such events, but comparison photos have shown that only the cardigan she has paired it with has kept on changing. The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, meanwhile, has not bothered to layer a dress that she has worn thrice in recent years. All she changed up was her purse and necklace.

For such individuals, they do not have to wear something new and shiny all the time whenever they are out in public. They tend to settle with an accessory or two that can give a different flavor or spice to the outfit that they like. And this, the very same bodily decoration that goes perfectly with everything, is what we generally call a must-have accessory.


Now, I can guess that you are already in your fashion bubble, wondering if you already have those items in your wardrobe. After all, men and women alike do not wish to have an outdated fashion sense. It is also difficult to receive a last-minute invitation and realize that you don’t have accessories to turn your regular outfit into a fabulous one.

Here are a few examples of the items that every woman should always have.

Long Chains And Pearls

You must have both pearls and long-chained necklaces because they can both be useful for any occasion. E.g., a casual gathering, a semi-formal get-together, or even a very formal dinner party. The reason is that pearls can make a simple shirt look elegant. The long chains, on the other hand, can either tone down the formalness of your gown without losing its sassy aura or make you look like a rock chic when you wear it with any casual top.

As an advice, try to go for natural or black pearls since they can go with anything. Opt for long-chained necklaces with simple designs as well. The “less is more” policy is applicable even with such luxurious accessories.


Aviator Sunglasses

Sunspecs can make anyone look as if they do not care if people approve of their style or not. As long as they like it, no one can ruin their mood.

It is also excellent if you have lots of sunglasses to wear. That means that you can change your specs every day, and it will take at least a month before you need to put on the first pair again.

However, in case you are trying to become a minimalist, a pair of aviator sunglasses is all you need. This is because it can flatter any face shape. It matches different clothing styles as well. The lens color does not matter, although you can never go wrong with black.

Dark-Colored Nail Polish

Black, dark red, and navy blue are the nail polish colors that you must have in your closet because they look good with any clothing and complexion. They can make you look very womanly and match light- and dark-colored blouses or pants and even dresses without a hassle.


A scarf is not only functional during cold weathers but also for hot days as a complementing accessory for sleeveless chemises. Aside from that, some girls use multicolored scarves to wrap around the straps of their handbag or shoulder bag to accent its beauty or as simple wrist adornments. Its new-found versatility makes it a must-have for females of all ages.


Leather Boots

Any member of the female population should know the importance of owning at least one pair of leather boots. Boots, especially the ones that are knee-length, are suitable for denim of all sorts, as well as the winter season. Not to mention, they practically allow you to look rock-star hot without putting in a lot of effort.

Red Lipstick

You can wear any shade of blush or eyeshadow to match your clothes. However, no matter how pale or heavy it is, red lipstick can surely complement everything. There’s not much deep reasoning needed for something that can make you look sexy. So, you must have it.

“Red is a versatile color. It doesn’t just represent sex and lust; it also is used to represent power and prestige,” writes Melissa Burkley, Ph.D.

Oh, I know, I know. MUST may come out as quite a strong word to use for some accessories. Still, come on, girl, this is your fashion sense we’re talking about. How can you survive in a society where everyone watches your every move without the pieces mentioned above?

“The clothing you put on your back is an incredibly accurate indicator of what you think of yourself and your life,” says Jennifer Baumgartner, PsyD.

Finally, fashion retailer-turned-psychologist Dr. Ana Buenaventura, PsyD, says “Our bodies house our intellect and our emotions that have to be supple and strong in order to manage pressure and chaos. When we tend to them, we can rely on them as a resource.”