What Is Personality? How do your lips tell how your personality is as an individual? What are the different types? While there are various characteristic patterns, most focus on examples of behavior and qualities that can help foresee and make sense of an individual’s behavior.

how lips define and know your personality


Personality Characteristics

How would you characterize your personality? Can your personality be seen on your lips? Your lips can reveal your personality. It can list your personality traits.

Your Lips & Personality Traits

Your lips are a part of your face that adds meaning to the science of natural appearance and characteristics.  It gives a proper definition of the purpose of smiling. But do you know that the size of your lips has something to do with your personality?

“The first impressions we form about other people based on their facial appearance influence important social outcomes,” wrote Benedict Jones, PhD.

Vinita Mehta PhD, EdM, wrote, “Higher levels of extraversion were related to more protruding nose and lips, a recessive chin and masseter muscles (the jaw muscles used in chewing).”

Personality Types

Personality Type 1

Big Full Lips – Sultry and puffy lips are an indication that your personality consists of being extremely caring towards others. For this character, you tend to think about others’ needs before stressing yourself in assessing your own. You have this strong desire to care for people without asking for anything in return for your character. In most cases, people possessing these large full lips and their personalities have the potential to become excellent parents. However, don’t stress over it; it’ll take time.

You can still work on your personality in the meantime.

Personality Type 2

Extremely Thin Upper Lip is probably one of the most naturally recognizable lips you can have, and the character it also signifies. It indicates a goal-oriented person that also focuses on excitement and adventure. You are capable of becoming a leader, as your character, and can easily attract loyal allies. However, you might deal with some personal complications when it comes to close relationships because you seem to set priorities on a career rather than a romantic personal relationship as a character.


Personality Type 3

Larger Bottom Lip – If you possess this kind of lip, you probably understand your need for adventure as the type of character. You like to travel, explore the world, and search for the meaning of life as your character. You want to get to know a partner and understand his/her personality as well. Another part of your character, you’re both energetic and curious simultaneously (which helps you in seeking excitement).

Personality Type 4

Larger Upper Lip – This voluptuous upper lip indicates that your sense of self-importance is at its high level. You have this high regard for yourself as your character. You’re a drama queen. You always want to be the center of attention and quickly get frustrated when someone (intentionally or unintentionally) steals the spotlight.

Personality Types

Character 5

Thin Lips (Top And Bottom) – Having thin lips is an indication of sensitivity. These people are merely introverts. According to clinical psychologist Josh Klapow, PhD, introversion “is a tendency to respond to the world in an inward fashion versus an outward fashion.” It means that you often tend to enjoy doing things by yourself. You are more demure and preserved. Some say that it can indicate an intelligent person. While most people with thin lips tend to be quiet, they are mostly independent and self-reliant. Sometimes, they choose to venture out with or without company.

Small Mouth (Full Lips) – Though this could mean something you won’t literally like, this type of lip indicates a person’s selfish character, especially in a romantic relationship. You tend to secure yourself before others. However, your personality is a kind and loyal person when it comes to friendship. You have this mindset to be there when they need you.


Character 6

Even Upper And Lower Lips – This indicates balance. Your character tends to be calm and reliable. You are also a good listener and attentive to others’ needs. You are considered a natural problem solver that often appreciates respect and discipline.

Character 7

Heart-Shaped Lip – You can be the world’s most dependable person of your personality. Your personality is also creative and very expressive. That is why you love art. However, most of the time, your character can lead you to say anything you want without considering others’ feelings. As a downside of this personality, no one can stop you from speaking, and sometimes you say things you don’t mean.

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Final Thoughts

Regardless of your lip type, your personality still depends on who you believe you are.