What Makes A Good Personality?


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In the world of full of fake people who often take advantage of someone’s kind heart, it becomes impossible to know what personality is to keep. There are a lot of individuals who are also confused as to what character they should portray. It is as if there is a standard of what behavior and attitude must be when it comes to public approval. With that kind of confusion, how are we supposed to identify the excellent quality of a person?

Trustworthy – A good personality often gets mentioned when the person is trustworthy. A faithful companion is a sure anchor that allows growth and development. When an individual is honest, he is reliable for everything. There is no room for cheating or lying because he values his principles in doing the thing. The person aims to build a good reputation as a loyal individual who will never leave someone’s side no matter or who is on the line. “From an evolutionary perspective,” Amy Cuddy, PhD, writes in her book Presence, “it is more crucial to our survival to know whether a person deserves our trust.”


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Respectful – One thing that better defines a person’s personality is his ability to respect others as much as he respects himself. There is no more excellent character value that rules social norms more than respect. However, people should understand that it is not something that anyone can quickly get. Therefore, we can’t expect to have it just because we demand it. It is as essential to give it as to receive it. As long as everybody accepts everyone’s differences, good manners will follow. “When we give respect, we get it back in return,” writes Marilyn Price-Mitchell, Ph.D.

Considerate – Not everybody can share the same views and opinions. Most of the times, everyone argues with things due to different reasons. But when a person has a good personality, he is considerate enough not to hurt others feelings. In fortunate cases, not because he is correct, he does not need to impose that someone should listen to him. It is less of a big deal to this person as to who is right or wrong.

Responsible – The best part of the personality is the person’s ability to manage his responsibilities. It is not only for himself but for his roles to other people’s lives as well. Being responsible takes a lot of effort. So when someone is trying his best to take care of things around, he should receive value. Not everyone is courageous enough to face the consequences of their actions. But when a person is responsible, he takes the chance to work on his mistakes and do better in the second attempt.


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Fair – Most people are unfair. That is because they stick with those individuals whom they can benefit from. These individuals are not open to taking turns and always asking for more. However, when their personality is the opposite, these people are genuine. They are open-minded, often follow the rules, and live by the consequences. They are fair in their judgment and treat people equally. “Although it may be true that the situation is unfair, it’s not helpful to keep focusing on it. Instead, put energy into areas of life where you have more control and you will eventually see rewards for your hard work,” writes Melanie Greenberg, Ph.D.

When judging someone, there is no way to identify people’s personality quickly. However, not unless one spends time with them for an extended period, things can have a difference.