The Ideal Job Setting For Various Types Of Personality

The office is among the workplaces where human diversity is most celebrated. Companies aim for that more because of the higher level of versatility that the employees’ varied skill sets can offer. With extra talented individuals on the team, they can accomplish even the complicated projects and often gain benefits.


Despite that, conflicts tend to get in the way when the staff works in a somewhat uncomfortable environment. It can happen even if the co-workers treat you well because your passion is far from your line of job. Something always feels lacking, therefore, and the idea of changing careers remain in your head.

Therefore, according to licensed clinical psychologist Bill Knaus, EdD, “It is important to take both “work activity” and “work setting” into account when deciding on a career direction or a job.” He says, “In a career study you search out jobs where your strengths, interests, values, personality, and abilities fit with a job and work setting.”

On that note, realize the ideal job setting based on various personality types today. According to Susan Krauss Whitbourne, PhD, ABPP, “Extensive research carried out for many years by vocational psychologists points to the importance of a match or a fit between the personalities of workers and the characteristics of the job.”

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