Fashion Therapists Approve: Must-Have Accessories For Every Woman


Fashion therapists can tell you that it is okay to wear the same pieces more than once. It is practical and not wasteful at all. You can also grow to love a few things that can be a part of your signature style. In truth, even famous personalities who often get photographed almost every day do the same thing. 

Helen Mirren, for instance, has been caught wearing the same dress in different movie premieres four times. It may not have been too evident to the attendees of such events, but comparison photos have shown that only the cardigan she has paired it with has kept on changing. The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, meanwhile, has not bothered to layer a dress that she has worn thrice in recent years. All she changed up was her purse and necklace.

For such individuals, they do not have to wear something new and shiny all the time whenever they are out in public. They tend to settle with an accessory or two that can give a different flavor or spice to the outfit that they like. And this, the very same bodily decoration that goes perfectly with everything, is what we generally call a must-have accessory.


Now, I can guess that you are already in your fashion bubble, wondering if you already have those items in your wardrobe. After all, men and women alike do not wish to have an outdated fashion sense. It is also difficult to receive a last-minute invitation and realize that you don’t have accessories to turn your regular outfit into a fabulous one.

Here are a few examples of the items that every woman should always have.

Long Chains And Pearls

 You must have both pearls and long-chained necklaces because they can both be useful for any occasion. E.g., a casual gathering, a semi-formal get-together, or even a very formal dinner party. The reason is that pearls can make a simple shirt look elegant. The long chains, on the other hand, can either tone down the formalness of your gown without losing its sassy aura or make you look like a rock chic when you wear it with any casual top.

As an advice, try to go for natural or black pearls since they can go with anything. Opt for long-chained necklaces with simple designs as well. The “less is more” policy is applicable even with such luxurious accessories.


Aviator Sunglasses

Sunspecs can make anyone look as if they do not care if people approve of their style or not. As long as they like it, no one can ruin their mood.

It is also excellent if you have lots of sunglasses to wear. That means that you can change your specs every day, and it will take at least a month before you need to put on the first pair again. 

However, in case you are trying to become a minimalist, a pair of aviator sunglasses is all you need. This is because it can flatter any face shape. It matches different clothing styles as well. The lens color does not matter, although you can never go wrong with black.

Dark-Colored Nail Polish

Black, dark red, and navy blue are the nail polish colors that you must have in your closet because they look good with any clothing and complexion. They can make you look very womanly and match light- and dark-colored blouses or pants and even dresses without a hassle.


A scarf is not only functional during cold weathers but also for hot days as a complementing accessory for sleeveless chemises. Aside from that, some girls use multicolored scarves to wrap around the straps of their handbag or shoulder bag to accent its beauty or as simple wrist adornments. Its new-found versatility makes it a must-have for females of all ages.


Leather Boots

Any member of the female population should know the importance of owning at least one pair of leather boots. Boots, especially the ones that are knee-length, are suitable for denim of all sorts, as well as the winter season. Not to mention, they practically allow you to look rock-star hot without putting in a lot of effort.

Red Lipstick

You can wear any shade of blush or eyeshadow to match your clothes. However, no matter how pale or heavy it is, red lipstick can surely complement everything. There’s not much deep reasoning needed for something that can make you look sexy. So, you must have it.


Oh, I know, I know. MUST may come out as quite a strong word to use for some accessories. Still, come on, girl, this is your fashion sense we’re talking about. How can you survive in a society where everyone watches your every move without the pieces mentioned above?

Beauty Is All In The Mind


Let’s be honest. In this world, the attractive ones get the most favors. People tend to be drawn to attractive people. They think that they are right, and kind-hearted people, unlike those who are less beautiful. People would rather be more outgoing towards someone lovely. Everything is good when you have a face like an angel. Isn’t it unfair that only the attractive ones get more attention? But there is an explanation to this – psychologists have a say to that, as well.

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Mental Illness Guidelines: How To Handle The Situation

Experiencing mental illness is one of the worst things that can happen in your life. Everything in your world will turn upside down, whether you like it or not. First of all, you will start to doubt your strengths as a person and focus on your weaknesses. Do not worry because it is only reasonable for someone who is suffering from mental health sickness. Second, you may begin to act strange to everyone surrounding you. You would rather keep them away instead of having them by your side because you are afraid that your illness will only slow them down too.




However, just because you are said to be mentally ill does not mean that it is the end for you. There are still many methods or ways on how you can get back on track and fight the challenges that will come your way. In this article, we are going to provide you with a list of strategies that you can consider if you want to keep going despite having a mental illness. Always remember that there is a rainbow at the end of the rain, which means that you will not always be left groping in the dark. There is something good that will come out from your current situation. Be sure to remember these things:


 Consult With A Psychiatrist

Keep in mind that suffering from a mental illness is a serious thing that you need to focus on. As much as possible, make an effort to visit a psychiatrist who can assess your current condition. This licensed professional can provide you a correct diagnosis about your mental health. At the same time, he can also issue medications that can improve your condition. He also can recommend the proper treatments that you can avail to eliminate your sickness.


Find A Therapist

A psychiatrist is different from a therapist in the sense that the first one is a medical practitioner who has the right to issue prescriptions to his patients. On the other hand, a therapist is more focused on helping a person face his problems and fears. He specializes in supporting and assisting his clients who want to move on from a traumatic experience or get over a negative part of their lives. With the help of a therapist, you can train your mind to start welcoming positivity and gratefulness instead of adversity.




 Ask For Help

Do not hesitate or have second thoughts to call upon your friends or family members whenever you want help with your mental illness. Take note that they are the persons whom you can trust your life too. Stop feeling embarrassed for needing to seek their guidance or assistance. The truth is that they will be more than happy to be there for you as you continue this journey in battling against the unwanted illness. Their support will also make it easy on your part to fight the battle. They can also inspire or motivate you to keep going, especially at times when you want to give up.


Attract Positivity

As already mentioned above, it is crucial for you to change your perspective in life. Stop thinking of negative thoughts so that you will not feel down or disheartened. Instead, think of all the other things that are right and great in your life. The more you think of happy thoughts, the easier it would be on your part to move on to better tomorrows. Keep in mind that the way you look at things has a significant effect on how your future will unfold. If you continue to attract positivity, you are going to draw more healing thoughts. You will be surprised by how doing this can change everything in your life.



Remember that you are a strong individual who can withstand the different challenges and struggles. Never let anyone make you feel sad and unworthy of healing. Remind yourself that anything is possible as long as you put your heart and mind into it. With the proper medication and right mindset, you can get over all the negative things in your life. In due time, your mental illness will be gone forever. It will soon become a distant memory for you.




The Psychology Of Beauty


Think it’s easy to be beautiful? Think again.
Have you ever tried to wake up one day and stare at your reflection in the mirror thinking that you were unlucky enough when the Gods made a cloudy day with the chance of you soaking in beauty serum? Well for some it isn’t a lucky day and it even feels that life is a curse. (Not even therapy online can help you with your problem; that’s how you feel.) They think that their natural elegance has caused them trouble more than what is beneficial. However, most of the time beauty has been one of the factors of someone’s success. We can’t ever deny it.

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How To Make Good Impressions For A Job Interview

There are several things that you need to take into consideration when it comes to starting for new work. Keep in mind that the industry competition is tough, which is why there is a necessity on your part to find a way to make good impressions. While first impressions do not last, several executives use it to make a decision according to their gut feel. If they do not like what they see in you during the first encounter, then it would be difficult on your part to get on the good side.


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Morphopsychology 101: Am I Like How I Look?

At least once in our life, we’ve probably judged someone based on how they look. Technically speaking, the concept of doing this exists, and it’s called morphopsychology.

Meet Morphopsychology

Morphopsychology focuses on how an individual’s physical appearance may say something about his or her personality in real life. This concept was first introduced by Dr. Louis Corman in the 20th century and remains to be studied now as more and more data are being discovered.


One of the study’s goals was for doctors to better understand why a person acts as such and not to justify any forms of judging or discrimination towards others. In some studies, it’s also termed as facial analysis as some physical features may deduct a thing or two about the subject’s lifestyle and other tendencies.

Morphopsychology Matters

Now that we’re aware of what morphopsychology is, what now?


The psychology of facial analysis has contributed several benefits to society such as individuals, corporations, and more. It has also evolved into a tool that can help improve mental health to bring more people to pursue personal development.

Morphopsychology has helped people focus better on their strengths now that it has been identified through the study. Morphoanalysis helps different individuals know what they’re good at and, through this, further motivate them to invest and take advantage of such strengths so that they can create an impact on others and themselves.

Having a mindset to improve one’s personal development can also impact one’s mental health. Knowing our strengths and weaknesses contributes significantly to our being self-aware, and this idea helps us perform better and focus on things which we know will be healthier and much more beneficial.


Positive thoughts and healthy lifestyle improve one’s mental health. Because it makes us self-aware and much more interested in personal development, it helps set barriers against negative ideas which may have adverse implications on us. In relation to this, it also teaches us self-acceptance. Now that you know what you can and cannot do, now what?

Self-acceptance comes with the ability to accept what is not possible and make do on what can be improved. This awareness helps a lot in mental stability because you pursue to make yourself better instead of beating yourself up over things that cannot be changed or that do not make you as you.

Now, in terms of the workplace, morphopsychology helps companies and organizations more effectively assign tasks based on the strengths of each person. If this particular worker is better in communication, then this specific task can be given to him or her. With this, individuals can practice their strengths and get more opportunities. Its application in the workplace promotes certain dynamics that give employees a safe place to be in and creates a healthy working environment.

Not only does it help individuals develop and perform well but also the study of morphopsychology can help people nurture relationships, may it be familial, platonic, or anything! With morphopsychology, it is easier to find people whom you know you can vibe well and relate to. You can easily pinpoint whom you can spend time within certain situations given their appearance.

However, looks can also be deceiving, and first impressions may not last. While the study is being developed, it’s still better to be careful in choosing your life constants. With or without the study, it’s still best to be self-aware so you can achieve the best version of yourself.

You are unique. You are special. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Beauty And Psychology




Do you ever wonder why many ladies or women want to stay pretty and beautiful? Have you ever asked yourself why these ladies aim for perfection? If you see commercials on televisions or other online platforms, for sure, you will notice that most of them talk about improving a woman’s skin, facial or body features.  In this article, we are going to explore the relationship between women and psychology particularly concerning the top reasons why all these are happening.




 Need Of Acceptance

Some individuals associate acceptance with being appealing to the public. It is the primary reason why some women want to keep on improving their physical looks. They believe that the society will accept them only when they are pretty. A lot of girls make an effort to look nice for the sole purpose of getting accepted by the ones they love.


Pressure From The Community

One of the top reasons why this occurs is because of the endless expectations that many people have when it comes to women. Unfortunately, ladies are not only expected to be good at doing household chores but also in staying attractive despite their busy lives. It has become the measurement of success for them.


Constant Feeling Of Envy

Another factor that can motivate or inspire women to stay beautiful is jealousy. Some of them may be envious of the others who are famous for being pretty and having a good life. If you notice, there will always be a set of women whose aim is to follow in the footsteps of their favorite female actresses. This emotion is great as long as the one that is present is the healthy kind of jealousy.


In Search For True Love

A large number of the population of females believe that they can only find their one true love if they work on improving the way they look. It is a common misconception because the reality is that there is so much more to the physical appearance of a person. Just because someone seems neat and beautiful does not necessarily mean that he is lovable. Conversely, just because a person is not as appealing as others do not indicate that he is a lousy individual to fall in love with.


Gender Inequality

As already mentioned above, there are high expectations on how women in the society can remain to be pretty notwithstanding the presence of stress and anxiety in their lives. People expect them to be invested in beautifying themselves, especially when they are just supposed to stay at home while the men work for their day jobs.





Wanting to be pretty or to stay beautiful is not a bad thing as long as you know where your limits are. It is entirely okay to want perfection, but you must be prepared for the challenge. Always keep in mind that what matters most is your mental health. Put your happiness first above anything else. Most importantly, learn how to improve everything in your life. Never allow anyone to bring you down.
















Morphopsychology: Understanding The Book By Its Cover

“Don’t judge the book by its cover,” is one of the most widely known metaphorical idioms which tells us not to determine one’s character by his physical appearance. Our parents probably taught us this at home and our teachers in school, but there have been studies that the shape of a person’s face or teeth determine his personality. One study has been cited in

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