Learning About Personality Through Eye Color


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Many assume that, if you want to make a smart guess about someone’s ethnicity, look at the color of his or her eyes. The greens, blues, and grays are usually recognizable from folks of Scandinavian descent. Various shades of brown, on the other hand, are prevalent to Asian, Africans, and Hispanics.

Based on the information we got, however, the eye color requires can tell you more than the origin of an individual. In fact, you can learn about their personality through it.

Read on to know more.


This shade is perhaps the most curious of all. Apart from being associated with trees and Mother Nature itself, green eyes are so rare that superstitious folks believe that only witches, wizards, and other paranormal beings have them. We can’t deduce whether the latter assumption is verifiable or not, yet what’s certain is that the individuals born with such a color often have excellent decision-making skills and are undeniably attractive.


Greys may not be as mysterious as greens, but they are just as rare. What this hue depicts is that the person has a flexible mindset. New colleagues and acquaintances may find it effortless to befriend you, and vice versa. It may also be challenging to anger you since you tend not to judge everything and everyone according to appearance or hearsays.

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The thing about blue-eyed people is that they have an immense pain tolerance that exceeds others, which indicates that they are strong both mentally and physically. It is advantageous on a day-to-day basis, but they can be the cautious type that’ll observe the situation in a party first before mingling with the crowd.

While persons with blue eyes may not possess the same family names, they are all more likely to descend from a single progenitor.


The people with brown pigments in their iris are primarily the ones who get the most fun out of life. They can adapt to any setting and come out with confidence, so it’s safe to say they carry the characteristics of a real adventurer. According to Hendrie Weisinger PhD, “Confident people grew up with a realistic appraisal of their abilities and thus knew where they stood,”

Luckily, the fact that at least half of the world populace have this eye color entails that a lot of them are go-getters and can fulfill their dreams faster in comparison with the rest.



Black Or Dark Brown

People perceive that the leadership skills of individuals who have ebony eyes are on-point. “Great leaders speak to the best in us – they inspire us to reach for the stars and to become what we dream of being,” wrote Melanie Greenberg, PhD.

It isn’t easy to find someone with this shade, but once you do, know that many may think of them as trustworthy and responsible. They are also naturally diligent and loyal.


Behind the hazel eyes is a man or woman of distinct personality. They are the hot-and-cold kind, in simple terms. Sometimes these folks have high spirits even in the face of a disaster. Other times, the mood can turn upside down.

The color is a hybrid of sorts, to be honest; that’s why you can expect the characteristics of brown- and green-eyed babies to appear as well.


More subdued versions of greys, browns, blues or greens may reflect the empathy the individual may feel toward his or her peers. “Being fully empathic includes interpersonal and social empathy,” wrote Elizabeth A. Segal, PhD. “Interpersonal empathy is concerned with improving relationships between individuals, while social empathy is concerned with improving the relationships and rules of behavior between different groups and cultures.”

Such persons will listen to you well and try to be of help as much as possible.

How An Intelligent Personality Ruins Mental Health

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Not every one of us achieves happiness and contentment. For some of us, people feel they get deprived of the idea that good things are not for them. In unfortunate instances, some individuals do not have food on the table. Some are uneducated, and some do not have shelter. But for those intelligent people, they can have all the great things in life. However, there is still a sense of sadness and loneliness. Why is that? How is these individuals’ intelligence affect their mental health?

The Reasons
• One of the reasons why intelligent people have a mental illness is due to their constant over analyzation. Most of them overthink every aspect of their lives. That includes the subject didn’t entirely matter at all. Yes, these people’s analytical nature is a significant asset to understand and discover things. However, its constant use leads to exhaustion and frustration. Indeed it is a positive trait. But most intelligent individuals carry it on a different level. In some unfortunate cases, these people even try to think through timeless dilemmas that pretty much does not have solutions. That is the reason every time they fail to figure things out, the less satisfied they become.

Dr. David Z. Hambrick, PhD., says being high intelligence is associated with overexcitability defined as “an unusually intense reaction to an environmental threat or insult. It includes anything from a startling sound to confrontation with another person.”

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• Another reason that makes intelligent people lose control over their mental health is due to their high standards. With their mentality to hold things in their lives accordingly, the failure to do so becomes a lifelong agony. With that, they engage and focus more on disappointments instead of thanking small better results. Be it with their relationship, career, and even skills and talents. Most of the times, these intelligent individuals have unrealistic goals. So if it fails, they begin to lose all the motivation to continue moving forward. These people believe that since they are smart, they can handle things. But when they can’t, they breakdown and cry.

According to Dr. Marty Nemko, PhD., is that “intelligent people are expected to make a big difference in the world. Lest they choose a less ambitious career, they’re often denigrated as “not living up to their potential.””

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• The most impactful thing that most intelligent individuals do, which damages their mental health is their constant self-criticism. They often judge themselves based on the things they can’t do, rather than complementing with what they can. For these people, they find it no excuse to have small counts of shortcomings. With that type of mentality, intelligent people no longer feel happy. That is also the reason why a lot of them are often finding fault with other people. They don’t try to consider things around because they can’t even consider themselves. There is always a set back from the past, where they try to resolve matters. These include checking on the poor decisions and wrong choices they made. So when everything feels like an unfinished moment, they get anxious and depressed.

Dr. Alice Boyes, PhD., adds “very smart people sometimes see their success as inevitable because of their intellect, and don’t see other skills as important.” The reason is that “most people have a natural bias towards wanting to capitalize on their strengths and, conversely, would prefer to avoid thinking about areas in which they’re not naturally as strong.”

Most intelligent people do not understand the importance of forgiving themselves. They don’t allow themselves to set loose. They often blame themselves for the things they can’t handle, and sometimes resolves the issue with self-judgment. Honestly, compared to those people who have nothing, these intelligent individuals suffer more mental and emotional dilemma but couldn’t see it. To further learn more about it, you can check out BetterHelp.com. They offer great articles on their LinkedIn page and some amazing posts on their Facebook as well.

Windows To The Soul: Understanding Eye Movements

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They say that the eyes are windows to the soul. Reading the eyes of another person is a very useful skill in revealing one’s inner thoughts, emotions, personality, and so much more. There is just so much to discover from the language of the eyes, even more than what words can convey since they are an important part of nonverbal communication.

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The Personality Of A High-Quality Woman

Men are known to have valuable standard qualities that society accepts. There is no question about how they should and should not run their lives because they are men. However, with all the battle of equality and feminism, women’s personalities are as prominent as theirs. They have the character that hopes to change society’s perception of what is right and wrong for both sexes. But what are those personalities that make women high quality?

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She Is Independent

A woman’s independence is not measured by the attitude of not always asking for help. Her self-sufficiency gets valued on rough times when she stands by herself all alone. It is where she knows things are not going her way, but manages to stay positive. “Building resiliency, and confidence starts with focusing on the positive,” says Christine Fonseca, MS.

She is independent in a way that she never blames people for the wrong decisions she makes in her life. She stands on her own, doing her thing, with or without someone by her side helping her. And even if the world betrays her, he always remains self-aware and understanding of her capabilities.

She Knows What She Wants

A woman who knows what she wants is of high quality. That is because no one gets allowed to dictate what and what not to do in her life. She makes her choices based on how she sees the world. She understands the importance of self-growth and uses self-development to gain better skills. She is not perfect, but she tries her best to do whatever it takes to reach her goals. Some people misjudged her, but her weapon towards negativity is calmness. She dreams big and often overworks for success. There is no stopping her because she desires ordinary things.

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She Knows What She Is Worth

A woman of high quality does not let anyone take her for granted. There may be slip-ups and errors, but she genuinely knows her worth. She does not feel the need to keep proving herself to other people. Her ability to not listen to negativity makes her more endearing. She does not feel threatened by another woman because she also wants to empower them. She does not act as if the world revolves around her. With that, she has a better view of how the flow of things matter. She value love, care, and respect, and is more than willing to offer the same when she is given.

“You’ll know who you are and what you stand for,” says Barbara Markway, PhD. “You’ll have the skills to show up, stand up, and speak up.”

She Knows How To Inspire

A woman who values her worth knows how to inspire people. She never pushes things they should and shouldn’t do because she knows how to trust individual capabilities. Without being too demanding, she brings other people’s potential. She becomes the source of strength of people who can’t find the right attitude to be happy. She encourages personality growth and self-development, as well. She can carry herself better because she wants others to feel confident about themselves too. She can set herself as an example.

“You might choose to do something amazing, or maybe you will become the strong shoulders that those you raise, mentor, and believe in can stand on when they are called to their life’s work,” says Marcia Reynolds, PsyD.

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These are just some of the personalities a high-quality woman can have. There are a lot of great things about them that people should discover.

Know Yourself Better Through Morphopsychology

According to Dr. Louis Corman, a French psychiatrist, “facial shapes are a reflection of the life forces that are at work within each individual.”

While scrolling through social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram and especially Facebook, one can’t help but notice that there had been a surge in some personality quizzes, celebrity look-alike, and gender-swaps. It is indeed apparent that people want to know themselves better.

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What Makes A Good Personality? (Part II)


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A person’s good quality always has something to do with how he treats himself and others. If he is kind enough, trustworthy, respectful, responsible, considerate, and fair, then he is for keeps. The totality of his personality, along with these good traits is what makes him a better individual. But aside from these quality traits, there are additions to the list that makes him even more lovable and genuine.

Honest – An individual who is honest to himself is worthy to others. He values his words over anything. The personality he has can convince people to stay by his side for longer. He is not afraid of telling the truth because he knows the importance of delivering a quality message. This person impacts the lives of others because he knows what he wants and needs to tell. There is no spot for lies and deception because he finds no reason to hurt people’s feelings. “Being honest allows you to stop hiding who you are and what you want, what you need out of life or what you need from another so you can truly live,” writes Dr. Christine Spence, PsyD.

Giving – A person who is giving is someone that knows how to appreciate even the small things others do for him. He does not take advantage of people because he knows how to treat them fairly. This individual offers his all to others who need it. Despite the lack of return favors, he is the individual who does not count the things he receives. Instead, he values his contribution more than anything. Psychology professor Dr. Barbara Fredrickson, PhD, points out that when we create “chains of events that carry positive meaning for others, it…trigger[s] upward spirals that transform communities.”


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Caring – All people can care, but not all of them are caring. Not all individuals understand that caring means sacrificing something for the benefit of all. It is the act of thinking and putting others first where kindness requires nothing in return. It is the act of love that represents an overall generosity towards those people who either like or do not like him. Caring is the expression of a person’s gratitude. It has compassion, sympathy, and empathy.

Involved – A good personality always thinks about getting involved. But, not in a negative way, though Usually, the person’s involvement in others lives get represented through his presence. The individual knows when others need him the most. It does not matter whether there are consequences to take, as long as he finds himself attached to someone, he never leaves. He creates an overall contribution to the development of others.

OptimisticOptimism is one of the most attractive personalities that not all people have. Some say only a few are selected to master the art of positivity. That is true. Good people who can find solutions in bad situations are the best people to hang out with. That is because they can see different views of the world. They do not blame others for their mistakes, and they do not sour-grape when life is out of their control. “The key is to change the way you think about your experiences. Instead of seeing yourself as a helpless observer in this journey called life, view yourself as an active participant,” writes Sherrie Bourg Carter, Psy.D.


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It is not always that you meet people with great personalities. However, identifying them can be easy. So if these characters are what make them competent individuals, it is more likely that we should consider working on ours as well. We might not be perfect, but our willingness to become a better version of ourselves is more than enough.