Know Your Personality Type According To Your Face Shape



A lot of makeup-loving folks admit that they began using cosmetics to enhance their facial features. With the right skills, the thin lips become kissable, the double chin suddenly disappears, and the neutral facial structure seems extra prominent. It is a great thing, however, that makeup can’t change the shape of a person’s face as some base their first impressions on that.

According to Benedict Jones, Ph.D., professor in the Institute of Neuroscience and Psychology at the University of Glasgow, “The first impressions we form about other people based on their facial appearance influence important social outcomes.”

“Research in nonverbal communication has shown that the shape of a person’s face tells a lot about how sexually attractive he or she is, and can also convey a sense of trust, dominance, and good health,” adds Ronald E. Riggio, Ph.D.

Considering you are unfamiliar with this technique, it would be interesting to know various personality types according to their face shapes.


An individual with a long face is the kind that everyone may want to be friends with instantly. She is quite sensitive to others’ feelings and does not like uttering words that will make her uncomfortable. Being systematic is among her strengths as well. That’s why she most likely comes out as the overachiever in the group.


The square face shape indicates that these individuals possess amazing analytical skills. The ambitious streak, which is highly evident, allows them to pursue their dreams despite the challenges along the journey.Aside from that, the ones with this structure tend to handle tasks that may seem too tough for others and still succeed in completing them.


You can tell whether the face is triangular in shape if a broad jaw is partnered with a narrow forehead. The folks who have this facial structure are super creative and often motivated to do the stuff they cherish. A few go as far as saying that someone with a narrower surface above the brows has more desire to take control of matters affecting them.


A heart face shape seems like an inverted triangle, in case you’re wondering how it appears. A person with this feature is well-attuned to his or her inner strengths. He or she has no qualms about pushing towards their objectives, even if others may discourage them. The strong wit is there too.



Your facial structure is diamond-shaped if your forehead and chin are both narrow, yet the middle portion of the face is wide. This reflects that you have incredible attention even to the littlest details that may influence your work. Your communication skills are on point as well; thus, the people around you will be able to understand your words exactly as you utter them.


The owner of a round face is the type that wears their heart on their sleeves. It is a piece of cake for them to voice out their feelings and show how much they care for their loved ones. They are also generous most of the time, to the point that they give more than they should to the needy.


A rectangular shape of a face is quite broad on the chin and the forehead, granting it’s lengthy like an oval shape. The best trait of someone who has this kind of face is his or her ability to organize trips or events. They also have a rational way of thinking, which lets them plan their own lives well.


Now, you have a fair idea of what a face shape can tell about an individual’s personality. Don’t base your judgements, however, solely on what you’ve read above. Anyone can change and improve as time goes by, after all.

Moreover, “These findings suggest that perhaps psychological traits can—to some degree—be read on a person’s face, though more studies would be needed to understand this phenomenon,” clinical psychologist Vinita Mehta, Ph.D., notes.