Explaining Personality Through Face Profile

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Even without science, people have a predisposed way of judging someone by looking at their facial features. “We form snap-judgments of people in our heads to unconsciously make decisions on how we’d like to proceed with said person,” said clinical psychologist Dr. Perpetua Neo.

If you have a wide forehead, for instance, you must be smart. If you have high cheekbones, they say you’re aristocratic. And in case your eyes are large, you don’t have the most likable attitude.

There are more beliefs similar to that which may be assumed as mere superstitions. Some of them are, yes, but a few tools can really speak about your personality through a face profile. Below are the indications for different facial features.

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The forehead that seems round belongs to a very creative individual. When it angles backward, that entails you are a business-minded fella who doesn’t wish to divulge much about your private life. Meanwhile, the owner of a flat forehead prefers to think before (s)he acts.


The size and shape of your eyes are said to show how welcoming you are as a person. If they’re deep-set, you may have a lot of reservations. If they’re large, you may be more enthusiastic to speak with strangers. Vinita Mehta, PhD, wrote, Those who were higher on agreeableness had eyebrows that appeared to be “lifted up” and had smaller forehead spans (i.e., the distance between the eyebrows and the hairline).

Apparently, the colors of the eyes have meaning too. “Differences in the iris can be used as a biomarker that reflects differences between people,” says Matt Larsson, PhD. Women with light-colored eyes, for instance, can deliver babies more easily. The folks with dark-colored eyes, meanwhile, can drink booze better than the rest.


The nose may be another indication of what your personality is like.

A long nose means you have a decisive attitude, the type who’s both active and instinctive. In case it’s fairly big, you are self-confident and determined. A neutral kind of nose, on the other hand, befits a sweet and loving person.


The plumpness of your cheeks, believe it or not, may also express something about your health.

Fuller cheeks make you look cute and in great shape, yet studies reveal that those who possess this feature acquire diseases faster and longer. You may be more susceptible to depression as well compared to the ones with thinner cheeks.


The bone structure on your face indicates how assertive you are. A wider surface entails that you’re not the type to let misdeeds slide – you’ll want to handle the situation and solve any conflict. A narrower face, on the contrary, is the exact opposite of the latter.


Our complexions may differ, but the undertones – the base colors – may tell how you live your life.

For example, the pinkish tint on the skin entails that you don’t have issues with blood circulation. If it’s golden or yellowish, you may be super healthy as the hue is associated with natural products. And whereas red undertone displays great fertility, the orange tint means you have high immunity levels.

Bonus: Side View

Yep, the way your face profile looks like on the side may explain your personality too.

A convex shape represents an intellectual but short-tempered being. The concave shape entails you possess a kind heart and so much patience. In case it’s a combination of both, you’re either persistent and domineering (convex-concave) or emotional and impulsive (concave-convex). The most stable personality is expected from someone with a plain-shaped face.

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