How Therapists Determine Your Personality With The Shape Of Your Face


The process of therapy requires an excellent psychological explanation and before a therapist can address specific mental health conditions, he will first try to determine your personality to be able to apply the necessary assessment that is helpful in your recovery. So can he possibly do that? The answer is, yes!

“Indeed, research has found associations between facial features and personality,” wrote Vinita Mehta, PhD, EdM.

According to clinical psychologist Dr. Perpetua Neo (DClinPsy, UCL), “the link between physical and personality traits are a two-way street. In this sense, we sometimes use certain facial and body muscles to signal something about our personalities — e.g. people who are higher on Agreeableness have ‘lifted up’ eyebrows and smaller forehead spans — and when we keep practicing that, that becomes us.”

Here are some of the facial shapes that help a therapist in determining what type of person you are.  


Square – This is the most common type of facial shape. People with a square face tend to be more analytical and intelligent. They have a clear perspective of what they want in life and how they plan their lives. However, there are some cases that a square-shaped face person is aggressive. They are thought to be emphatic. They sometimes get what they want with the use of force without considering the consequences. They are commonly world leaders and elites. 

Oval – A person with an oval-shaped face tends to have a balanced character. They are sweet and charming at the same time. However, they are somehow dangerous because they can have the ability to manipulate other people. They are good at duplicating several things as well as their emotions. Most of the people with oval faces are actors and artists. Though they’re quite artistic, they are potentially weak when it comes to physical aspects.  

Heart– This type of facial shape determines the intense personality of a person. They have this inner strength that they often use as a motivation to accomplishing their goals in life. They are more likely described as optimistic persons because they never consider a “no” for an answer. They are risk-takers. However, some of them are secretive and pathological liars.  

Round – A person with a round face tends to be friendly. They are good at communicating with others. They are creative and cheerful that they can easily attract the opposite sex. They are also generous and kind, and they often secure other people’s needs before theirs. However, most of these types of people that have this face shape tend to be less capable of handling a relationship since they easily get distracted with their relationship stressors. 

Triangular – An individual with a triangular-shaped face tends to be bossy. They have this attitude of demanding people to follow them, and they love to be always in charge in every situation. They often see themselves as an above-average person. In most cases, people with triangular-shaped face are thought to become successful. Most of them are businessmen and managers. 

Rectangular – An individual with a rectangular shaped face tends to be dominating. They often seek power but fortunately, not by any means of force (though sometimes it applies). Even if they also have a balance in maintaining a good personality, they are both ambitious and miserable at the same time.  Most of them are successful athletes and influential politicians.  


Likewise, a person’s jawline is often linked to the strength of their personality. Psychologist Michele Barton, PhD, said, “I believe the connection comes from the fact the our jaw is the strongest joint in the body.”

Therapists are good counselors that can help a person assess his health problems, especially psychological disorders. And by knowing the relationship between your face and personality, it will give them a chance to understand your behavioral situations better.  You can learn more about this at By messaging their Facebook page, you can get a hole of the health professionals.