Simple Face Reading Techniques You Can Do On Your First Date 

They say that ‘love at first sight’ is real and proved by many successful couples nowadays. The moment you see the person, you would know instantly if you two would click, they claim. Is there any science or logic backing up this statement? Possible. It can be because of this specific technique: Face reading.

Theresa E DiDonato, Ph.D., social psychologist and associate professor at Loyola University, Maryland wrote, “People really do report experiencing love at first sight in the instant they encounter a person, It’s a strong initial attraction that could later become a relationship. One compelling counter-argument that people have biased memories and essentially create the illusion of having fallen for each other instantly isn’t an appropriate explanation for all cases of love at first sight.”




Face reading is an art of ancient times that allows a reader to know a person’s character and personality through their facial features. The first step for this art is the proper recognition of key facial features. These are the forehead, eyebrows, lips, nose, mouth, among others. If you want to get a hint of how your date and prospect would be like from the first sight, then focus on these parts.  

 Ran Hassin, Ph.D., and Yaacov Trope, Ph.D., explained, “The present studies examine several aspects and consequences of the process of reading traits from faces. Using faces with neutral expressions, it is demonstrated that personality information conveyed in faces changes the interpretation of verbal information.”

How To Read Your Date Instantly?  

Face reading, in this context, is a technique of a scientific discipline of morphopsychology. It is identified to be similar to physiognomy, the science that deals with facial expressions and its relation to the social and emotional state. Morphopsychology deals more with physical features and personality.  

 Vinita Mehta, Ph.D., Ed.M., wrote, “With a smile or a frown, our faces can effortlessly communicate to others how we’re feeling. But recent studies have found that the human face can also convey essential characteristics that make us who we are.”

Being a face reader takes significant practice and effort to master the art of reading. Recognition of the key features is a good start. The following are the basic interpretations for these features that you can easily notice from your date:  


Facial Shape 

  1. Round – sensitive, caring, with strong sexual fantasies  
  1. Oblong – practical, workaholic, egotistical 
  1. Square – intelligent, dominant  





  1. Brown – independent, thick-headed at times 
  1. Black – adventurous, secretive  
  1. Hazel – courageous, sensible 
  1. Blue – calm, peaceful  
  1. Green – compassionate  
  1. Gray – sensitive, wise  



  1. Broad – intelligent, analytical 
  1. Narrow – emotional, passionate 
  1. Straight – dedicated, gentle 
  1. Sharp – stubborn, ironic  



  1. Smaller ears – shy, more reserved  
  1. Small ears – affectionate, good-natured  
  1. Medium ears – energetic, determined  
  1. Big ears – rude, materialistic 
  1. Detached earlobes – carefree, generous 


I Want A Date With A Specific Personality, What Features Should I Look For 

So you are not a fan of reading faces for the sole purpose of grasping your potential partner’s personality. Instead, you already have a type of guy/gal in mind that you would like to date. The question now is, what are the specific and notable traits that these personalities of your choice usually have?  


For a fun-loving partner (romantic and sweet), you would have to look for red- and curly-haired person as this appearance usually signifies a good sense of humor and a happier relationship. Dimples are also a sign of a happy and outgoing partner. 


For a business-minded and powerful lover, a slanted-back or broad forehead is a sign of being an achiever and an intellectual person. Big eyebrows are also a good sign of competitiveness (be it about entrepreneurship or winning your heart) and a stronger sex drive for your bedroom adventures.  


For a family guy/gal (the kid-loving, supportive husband/wife type), round eyes are always the feature that would tell how caring he/she can be for you. Full lips will also tell how generous the person is.  




Assessing a date and a potential partner through facial recognition and reading is an excellent start to anticipate the personality you may encounter, and you may not like. These basic techniques and interpretation are for a good quick reference only. More in-depth analysis still requires more profound skills and understanding of morphopsychology.