Best Face Type To Look For In A Potential Partner 

We are often told that we must go beyond judging a person by his/ her face value. We dig deeper to know the person. We take time to engage a potential partner through dates, lengthy conversations, and late nights. We often equate compatibility with having the same set of beliefs and values.  




What if you can quickly get this information just by looking at your date’s face? It would save a lot of time on your part. Not to mention, also protecting yourself from potential heartache. Through face profiling, you will be able to find your perfect match without going through the hassle.  

“It is easy to infer age and gender from your face. It turns out you can also infer things like personality, sexual orientation, and so on,” says Michal Kosinski, PhD.

Here are some of the best face profiles to look for in a potential partner. 

  1. Angular Face 

Having an angular face means that the person is more open and responsive. Having these traits is helpful in starting a potential long-term relationship. A person that is more agreeable can make the relationship lighter.   

“Being emotionally vulnerable is the starting point for great relationships,” writes Jim Taylor, Ph.D.



On the other hand, a person with a shorter and more square face is believed to be more calculating and closed-off.  

  1. Strong Facial Features 

A strong and masculine face means that you are serious as a person. In the same manner, you attract partners that are ready to settle down as well. Having strong facial features signify reliability and responsibility. It shows a potential significant other that you are prepared for the challenges for a relationship and family life.  


However, if you are looking for short-term relationships, softer facial features are the way to go. Softer facial features are equated to being more promiscuous. Therefore, people that are more inclined to these people are only looking for flings.  


  1. Look For A Long And Slim Face

To reduce the likelihood of cheating, go for a partner with a long and slim face. A person having a long and slender face is believed to be loyal. The downside of it, however, is these people are perceived to have low levels of libido 

Those people with square faces have a higher tendency to cheat. These people tend to have higher sex drives as well. Therefore, it is best to avoid people with this face type to lessen heartache.  

“People can certainly mature and change their behavior, but if your partner has a chronic issue with infidelity, lying, or any other indication of disloyalty, it may be a huge red flag of their loyalty to you,” Deanna Fernandez, MHC, says

  1. Big And Round Eyes

Having big and round eyes signify that you are open to the world around you. A person like this is full of wonder. They are naturally curious about their environment. Relationally, they open up to other people more easily. Likewise, people with small and squinty eyes tend to be more wary of people. You have to work your way to earn their trust 




If you are a fan of online dating sites, you can find the love of your life just by looking at their picture. You will be able to scan many profiles at once only by seeing their faces. But if you prefer meeting people in person, you will be able to choose your soulmate just by looking at them. You will know instantaneously if they are the one for you.