Morphopsychology: Giving Love-At-First-Sight A Whole New Perspective 

Have you ever experienced falling in love at first sight? That moment when the mere appearance of a person captures your attention, then your heart? Have you ever felt so emotionally connected to somebody despite merely seeing their face?  




While some would call it wishful thinking, a particular field of discipline sheds light on discoveries (and a glimmer of hope) that your falling in love, at first sight, may be based on more rational insights on someone else’s personality. It is Morphopsychology. James Grant-Jacob, PhD, recounted that “an individual’s personality and trustworthiness can be perceived in the subtle nonverbal behavioral information of such primary facial features as the eyes”.


What Is Morphopsychology 

In morphopsychology, people study how different facial features may tell particular aspects of someone’s personality. “The human face can be divided in three different areas, and the prevalence of one of these can be a good indicator of the character and personality of the person,” Julian Gabarre, PhD, explained citing the theory of morphopsychology. Differences in face shapes may also imply differences in characteristics. According to morphopsychology, there are four temperamental types of face shapes: bilious, lymphatic, sanguine, and nervous.  

Morphopsychologists say that these four types, when combined in different proportions, essentially comprise the facial profile of all people. The predominance of one of these facial types indicates personality traits which are generally attributable to that temperamental face type. 


The 4 Temperamental Face Types 

Imagine knowing these personality traits upon first sight of your date? Wouldn’t that help you big time in assessing compatibility? Here are four types of people that you may date based on their temperamental face types: 

  1. The Boss

If your date has a flat or pouched forehead and a mandible that goes downward shortly below the ear and then slopes downward in the chin, he’s probably a bilious type. Your date is a strong-willed person. More often an achiever, he may seem dominant and bossy.  




He is active and practical too. Moreover, because he’s more of a doer than a talker, he likes getting things done. So if you’re looking for someone of a leader-type, organized, and systematic, this date of yours fits you just right. 


  1. The Bubbly Guy

If your date has a sloping forehead and a prominent mandible that goes very angled against the chin, you’re in the company of a sanguine. He is extrovert and often very optimistic. He is lighthearted, fun to be with, and often the life of the party.  


Physically, he may be muscularly dominant and likes getting active every day. He most likely prefers active sports. However, he has a short attention span too, so long and dragging stories bore him. Try keeping conversations light and fun. 


  1. The Faithful One

If your date shows no discernable jawline and a receding chin, then you have in front of you a lymphatic. He is devout, either with a firm religious belief or a secular vision. He likes everything to be at the very least, fair and acceptable to everyone.  


He aims for justice and fairness. Maybe he might be into the law profession too. He is also inclined to sticking to a particular idea, teaching, or opinion, with tendencies to be inflexible. Maybe, just maybe, he is a stick to one too. 


  1. The Smart Lover

If your date has a prominent nose, with a cone-shaped head and receding chin like the lymphatic, you’re with a nervous. Not nervous like afraid, but nervous as in the temperamental face type. He is critical and often displays high intellectual capacity. 




He is also deep and philosophical. So there might be a lot of intellectual debates and conversations with this one. Better be updated with current events, in any case. He is also an excellent communicator so if you enjoy talking, he sure is the one to spend time with. 


While morphopsychology comes in handy when trying to gauge whether you and your date may be in good terms during your dinner night, remember that it is not always a one-all identifier of character. You would need to spend time getting to know your date and at the same time, have the willingness to share a piece of yourself too. “Psychologists say that the more you interact with a person you like (even slightly), the more you come to regard him as good-looking, smart, and similar to you—unless you discover something that breaks the spell.”, Helen Fisher, PhD, emphasized. Nothing beats deep and intentional getting-to-know, but you can sure take advantage of your knowledge from morphopsychology.