How To Make Good Impressions For A Job Interview

There are several things that you need to take into consideration when it comes to starting for new work. Keep in mind that the industry competition is tough, which is why there is a necessity on your part to find a way to make good impressions. While first impressions do not last, several executives use it to make a decision according to their gut feel. If they do not like what they see in you during the first encounter, then it would be difficult on your part to get on the good side.


For this reason, it is highly recommended for every potential job candidate to focus not only on his qualifications or credentials for the work. At the same time, he must also work hard to appear pleasing during an interview. In this article, allow us to list down the things to remember to achieve this goal:


Practice Is Key

Get a list of the possible questions that may be asked during the interview so that you can prepare for answers ahead of time. Keep in mind that the key to success at this point is to practice the question and answer portion. You must be good at anticipating what the interviewer will ask to ensure that you can provide the right answer. If you are not comfortable talking in front of others, then one of the strategies that you can use is to practice in front of a mirror.


Research About The Firm

If you want to appear well informed and knowledgeable to the executive who is conducting the interview, be sure to research about the company first before the scheduled meeting. Read everything you can about the firm so that you can answer the questions correctly. It will be impressive if you are well aware of the company’s history as well as its vision and mission. Remember to verify the sources of your information to avoid getting the wrong facts.


Wear The Right Attire

When showing up for the first interview with a potential boss, the initial step that you must never forget is to wear the right office attire. You cannot just show up for the interview without wearing a corporate outfit. Otherwise, the interviewer may not consider you as a professional. It must be noted that the way you dress says a lot about you. At the same time, avoid overdressing as it can also send off a negative signal to the boss. Feel free to check magazines for the latest trends in office attire,


Understand The Job Position

Another essential step that you must always put in mind is to get a full understanding of the job position. Just because a company is hiring does not necessarily mean that you can already send in your resume. Of course, you must first check the position that is available and determine if you have the qualifications needed. It can be a big plus if you have experience with the tasks required for a particular job position. If you are not sure with the kind of work available, do not send an application.


Talk Slowly

Remember that the interviewer can sense if you are not confident. This weakness will manifest on the way you talk and act. As such, it is ideal and great on your part to practice how to speak slowly. Do not open your mouth, unless you are one hundred percent sure of what you want to say.

“Be very clear in what you are saying and be sure to present it in a well structured manner,” University of Kentucky professors Jonathan Golding, PhD, and Anne Lippert, PhD, wrote. They added, “Rather than attempting to impress the interviewer with dense jargon, a more simple and strong presentation of what you have to offer will work in your favor.”

Conversely, if the interviewer can see that you know how to take a pace in answering, then he may consider it as a sign of preparedness. It can result in positive feedback for you.


Always Smile

Learn how to smile in a professional setting. You may think that it is so easy to laugh, but the truth is that it can be complicated. “Smile when it is appropriate, but not with a fake smile. A genuine smile is a positive signal that can add to a sense of rapport,” clinical psychologist Bill Knaus, EdD, advises job hunters.

Your smile must not appear awkward because it can project an image that you are not comfortable with the interview. The right thing to do is to identify when is the best time to smile. Of course, you cannot curl your lip if the conversation is too serious. Learn how to use your best smile and when not to use it.


Never Panic

As already mentioned above, the interviewer can see if you are ready for a meeting or not. The moment she senses that you are quite hesitant with the arrangement, there is a high likelihood that he will find more ways to intimidate you. At the same time, her first impression of you may cloud his judgment when it comes to the next courses of actions that she can take.

With that, Ronald E Riggio, PhD, says, “Be focused and to the point with your answers. It is ok to pause to collect your thoughts before giving a direct and complete answer, but don’t give answers that go on and on.” Remember that as long as you came prepared, there is nothing to worry. Just be yourself and have fun.

Making a good impression for a job interview can make or break opportunities for you. As such, you must give it your preferential attention at all times.