Beauty Is All In The Mind


Let’s be honest. In this world, the attractive ones get the most favors. People tend to be drawn to attractive people. They think that they are right, and kind-hearted people, unlike those who are less beautiful. People would rather be more outgoing towards someone lovely. Everything is good when you have a face like an angel. Isn’t it unfair that only the attractive ones get more attention? But there is an explanation to this – psychologists have a say to that, as well.

There are a lot of factors that make you attractive – to the way you dress, you carry yourself, and the way you portray yourself to other people adds to your level of attractiveness.

“Research shows a large part of physical attraction is centered on the more changeable aspects of our self-presentation,” says psychologist Jeremy Nicholson, MSW, PhD.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” is a saying that has affected a lot of people. According to psychologists, this caused insecurities and low self-esteem who think they are not that good looking. But today, there are a lot of advocates about re-establishing the standards of beauty that other people put up. Now, beauty is diverse, and everyone chooses to look at people with charm rather than judging from their appearances.

The Truth In Beauty

Our genes and hormones make up our appearances. This occurs as we grow older and develop estrogen or testosterone to become attractive to the opposite sex. This is why men and women have different facial sculptures because of our hormones. High levels of sex hormones are responsible for suppressing the immune system, which can be a bad thing and can be the cause of serious illnesses. But if a person surpasses this stage, their adult years could be healthy.


Your Symmetry Lights Up The Room

In this world, there are no two faces alike. And each side of the face is slightly different than the other. Some diversities have face asymmetry like one side of the face is larger than the other, and some asymmetries can be caused by parasites or other developmental challenges growing up.

In The Sex Of The Beholder

Both men and women tend to have the above preferences when it comes to attractiveness. Males tend to give importance to physical features to find their mate, and females tend to look at the characteristics of a potential mate. Also, women who consider themselves more attractive than others also look for symmetrical faces in males. Other factors that affect this is their monthly ovulation; they find men more attractive when they are ovulating.

“Men are also sensitive to when their female partners are ovulating because they are more attentive, and express greater jealousy at these times,” writes Nigel Barber, Ph.D.

A Thousand Ships

In tales and myths, the beauty of a woman can cloud a man’s judgment and can even go to war because of this. This is somehow true; research was conducted to men that are given two photos of attractive women. They show a high degree of tendency found in addicts and people with impaired self-control. Yes, men cannot correctly think if they are face to face with an attractive woman.

This effect is because there is a part of the brain that tends to react when a man sees an attractive woman, and this also happens with women.


Beautify Yourself

Society’s standards of beauty are unfair. They prefer superficial beauty that most people cannot do. This, in turn, develops insecurities and low self-esteem to both men and women who do not meet the high standards of beauty.

The power of makeup can do wonders, and women prefer this. Most people believe that wearing makeup can add to their attractiveness and confidence. A study has shown that women wearing makeup looks more approachable to men.

Also, getting enough sleep is another way to feel more attractive. This is because when you are well rested, you feel better than ever and you glow. Sleep deprivation can make you look unattractive because you didn’t get enough relaxation for your body to restart.

Our emotions could also get in the way of feeling attractive. You show your feelings through your face. When you always scowl and is still angry or sad, it shows through your face, and people will think you are a snob or unapproachable. But when you are happy and positive all the time, you radiate that happiness, and it shows in the way you smile, how you carry yourself and how you act around people. Confidence is beauty, but more importantly, happiness is beauty.

Smiling makes women look friendly and “sexually receptive.” “Evolutionarily, men have been programmed to seek out women who will be receptive to their advances,” Dr. Alec Beall, PhD, says

Being beautiful in your way radiates positivity to other people. Smile more and get enough rest. Do things that make you feel good on the inside, so it shows on the outside. Take care of your body. Eat healthily and live a healthy lifestyle. There is so much wrong going on in this world, but it doesn’t need to affect you. Show the world that even though it is all messed up and ugly, you can be beautiful even with all the ugliness around you.