What Makes A Good Personality? (Part II)


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A person’s good quality always has something to do with how he treats himself and others. If he is kind enough, trustworthy, respectful, responsible, considerate, and fair, then he is for keeps. The totality of his personality, along with these good traits is what makes him a better individual. But aside from these quality traits, there are additions to the list that makes him even more lovable and genuine.

Honest – An individual who is honest to himself is worthy to others. He values his words over anything. The personality he has can convince people to stay by his side for longer. He is not afraid of telling the truth because he knows the importance of delivering a quality message. This person impacts the lives of others because he knows what he wants and needs to tell. There is no spot for lies and deception because he finds no reason to hurt people’s feelings. “Being honest allows you to stop hiding who you are and what you want, what you need out of life or what you need from another so you can truly live,” writes Dr. Christine Spence, PsyD.

Giving – A person who is giving is someone that knows how to appreciate even the small things others do for him. He does not take advantage of people because he knows how to treat them fairly. This individual offers his all to others who need it. Despite the lack of return favors, he is the individual who does not count the things he receives. Instead, he values his contribution more than anything. Psychology professor Dr. Barbara Fredrickson, PhD, points out that when we create “chains of events that carry positive meaning for others, it…trigger[s] upward spirals that transform communities.”


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Caring – All people can care, but not all of them are caring. Not all individuals understand that caring means sacrificing something for the benefit of all. It is the act of thinking and putting others first where kindness requires nothing in return. It is the act of love that represents an overall generosity towards those people who either like or do not like him. Caring is the expression of a person’s gratitude. It has compassion, sympathy, and empathy.

Involved – A good personality always thinks about getting involved. But, not in a negative way, though Usually, the person’s involvement in others lives get represented through his presence. The individual knows when others need him the most. It does not matter whether there are consequences to take, as long as he finds himself attached to someone, he never leaves. He creates an overall contribution to the development of others.

OptimisticOptimism is one of the most attractive personalities that not all people have. Some say only a few are selected to master the art of positivity. That is true. Good people who can find solutions in bad situations are the best people to hang out with. That is because they can see different views of the world. They do not blame others for their mistakes, and they do not sour-grape when life is out of their control. “The key is to change the way you think about your experiences. Instead of seeing yourself as a helpless observer in this journey called life, view yourself as an active participant,” writes Sherrie Bourg Carter, Psy.D.


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It is not always that you meet people with great personalities. However, identifying them can be easy. So if these characters are what make them competent individuals, it is more likely that we should consider working on ours as well. We might not be perfect, but our willingness to become a better version of ourselves is more than enough.