The Psychology Of Beauty


Think it’s easy to be beautiful? Think again.
Have you ever tried to wake up one day and stare at your reflection in the mirror thinking that you were unlucky enough when the Gods made a cloudy day with the chance of you soaking in beauty serum? Well for some it isn’t a lucky day and it even feels that life is a curse. (Not even therapy online can help you with your problem; that’s how you feel.) They think that their natural elegance has caused them trouble more than what is beneficial. However, most of the time beauty has been one of the factors of someone’s success. We can’t ever deny it.

Physical beauty has been one of the top subjects in debates across the world, where different cultural standards are in the cards. For some, attractiveness is about the symmetry of facial features such as the size of the nose in proportion to the eyes and the lips while others consider a beautiful figure to be an ideal definition of beauty. Vivian Diller Ph.D., said that “73 percent of women said that a curvier body type is more appealing than it had been in 1991, 85 percent still said they wish their own hips were narrower.”

Good looks have always been linked to financial success. We can never refute that in job applications; employers would most probably hire or make the process easier for attractive applicants. Just because, as business centered people, they would most likely consider their employees as assets to their company. They can use their charm to attract the clients and investors of their bosses with little to no effort at all. People would expectedly be willing to listen on business proposals from an attractive presenter even if the profit can be minimal at times. Just take a look at the social media influencers, you will find yourself surprised by the number of views and subscribers even if the content has poor quality. Because as what they say sex sells.


As obvious as it may seem, physical beauty equals to sexual attraction. It’s never been about the romantics at all. People react and being steered by their psychological drive when it comes to appreciating a physical asset. However, though, it’s either we feel motivated and inspired by these beautiful beings or feel bad of ourselves which could cause to losing our self-esteem. Also, Benedict Jones Ph.D. adds that “One of the more influential hypotheses about women’s facial beauty is that attractive facial characteristics signal that a woman is not susceptible to infectious illnesses.”

However, we don’t know that an attractive person is suffering from their physical assets such as making people overlook their talent, intelligence, and skills. And an average person may judge them as naïve and half-witted because of our social stereotyping against them. “Beauty can be a curse as well as a blessing: It bestows some undeniable advantages on those who possess it—but it can also paint a target on their backs.” says Frank T. McAndrew Ph.D. It has merely become their way of making them feel good of their selves by pulling the other person down while another person suffers from the things they have no control at all. As ironic it may seem to you, an attractive person may work twice as you do to beat someone’s expectation and to prove their selves.
All these negative things that they experience may cause anxiety and vulnerability. Instead of feeling confident with their hard-earned capabilities they would tend to keep it from the world that’s why a judgmental person see them like a polished jar, beautiful but empty – more so meaningless. All of the assets that a person possesses have its pros and cons that we can never avoid.


Society has to be blamed for these misconceptions. At an early age, our parents may subconsciously instill in our minds different preferences such as skin color, height, weight, and the like. It is a cocktail of nature and nurture though; there are times that the environment will be a strong influence in our beauty standards. These notions are a collaboration of varying concepts that is ever changing over time. We don’t know that what’s beautiful today might not be in the future; it’s a matter of trend and what sells most. Right now, you might see commercials featuring Black and Asian models for a global brand campaign, and that’s because our social perceptions have widened and cross some cultural barriers.
Going back to how hard it is to be beautiful these days, a lot of money is spent on products just to maintain this advantage. These products are a luxury need; that’s why they are excessively priced, and some self-obsessed individuals will crossfire just to hoard these lucrative goods. As lame it may be, but they can’t help themselves but invest a lot on preserving their physical asset since it is their way of surviving the daily grind and ticket to success.
The next time you come across a beautiful woman or a handsome guy in your working place, it is very unreasonable to feel jealous or look down on them. All of us have huge baggage in our shoulders, and you should never compare yourself to others. As what we have discoursed, beauty is relative at all and you should instead work on your strengths and skills if you want to achieve success in your way.