2015 New York Psychology Convention: Know Everything About Personality

If we are to rank the seminars we have ever attended from best to worst, the 2015 New York Psychology Convention will be on top of the list without a doubt. The reason is that the event is so comprehensive that the speakers did not only talk about the benefits of understanding the field and getting counseling if need be. They also brought up personality, which was – and still is – a topic that many people find difficult to fathom.

Considering it is an aspect that you want to figure out better as well, here are some fundamental details about personality.

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1. It Is Described Based On Individual Traits

From the get-go, you need to remember that people do not describe personality by saying that “it is made up of unique behaviors and thinking patterns.” Even professionals pertain to it according to the traits that someone exhibits. As Gordon Allport – an American psychologist – believed, there are standard, cardinal, and central traits in every individual.

2. Various Factors Affect Its Development

It matters to realize as well that a person’s personality traits are not set in stone as soon as he or she enters the world. Theorists have various suggestions when it comes to the development stages that an individual goes through, but the general idea is practically the same. Your personality processes over time, and it can change depending on your environment, your views, and the people you surround yourself with.

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3. You Can Use Different Personality Tests Now

Lastly, you can understand your characteristics better once you take on different personality tests that psychologists have devised in recent years. According to the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), after all, someone can exhibit one of the 16 clusters of traits that they have defined. Knowing where to categorize yourself can give you an inkling as to why you do this or that.


Learn more about your personality today to know how to improve your future. Good luck!